Immigration Law Firm

Ms. Hernández represents individuals and corporations from around the world and she provides them with the best and most accurate advice and legal representation.

Attorney Hernandez will represent your case and fight for it. Ms. Margarita is a Tai Chi Sword Classical Yang style practitioner and she has often being asked about the difference between Justice Goddess Themis’ sword and her's. She always states: “Themis’ sword is the sword of Justice. My sword is the sword of the Truth,  because I can see and fight for my client.  It does not matter if I am representing Mr. Guzman Loera ‘El Chapo’, Melanie Trump or a famous singer or musical band." 

INVESTORS. As an investor you may qualify for an E1/E2 Treaty nonimmigrant visa/status or obtain your Green Card through the EB-5 Self-petitioned program (1 million or 500,000.00).


PROFESSIONALS/EMPLOYMENT-BASED VISAS AND GREEN CARDS. We assist our clients, either a corporation or an individual. These are some of the categories within the Employment-Based Nonimmigrant Visas or Status and Green Cards or Legal Permanent Residence.

Nonimmigrant Visas:

  • E1/E2 Treaty Trader/Investor and their essential employees.

  • H1B Specialty Occupation (H1B1 for Chilean and Singaporeans; H1B2; H1B3 for Fashion models).

  • H1C2 Registered nurses.

  • H2A/H2B Seasonal agricultural and nonagricultural.

  • H3 Trainees other than medical (education of handicapped children).

  • I Foreign press, radio and film.

  • L1A/L1B Intracompany transferee as managers or executives and with specialized knowledge.

  • O1/O2 Extraordinary abilities in sciences, art, education, business, athletics, motion picture and their assistants.

  • P1A Internationally recognized athletes (there are other specific subcategories under this visa).

  • R1 Religious.

  • TN Temporary professionals from Mexico and Canada.


Green Cards

  • EB1 Outstanding professors, researches, multinational executives and managers and individuals with extraordinary abilities. (self-petitioned).

  • EB2 Individuals of extraordinary abilities applying for a National Interest Waiver (NIW) or Labor Certification (PERM).

  • EB3 Professionals with a degree or skilled workers.

  • EB4 Religious workers.


*There are some other special workers such as Afghan/Iraqi translators and those who assisted the U.S. Government, Broadcasters, Panama Canal employees, armed forces members, physicians NIW, etc.


CRIMIMMIGRATION. Attorney Hernández diligently and earnestly works with your Criminal lawyer to avoid a bad plea or a classical last minute “rushed plea.” Getting the best judgement or sentence is crucial to avoid an imminent deportation or get at least some potential reliefs during your immigration removal proceedings. Legal Permanent Residents may face deportation if they are not advised about their immigration status.


NATURALIZATION AND CITIZENSHIP.  We represent clients through their naturalization process, including clients with exemptions of the English and Civics tests (Medical Disability Exceptions), and also if they qualify for automatic or derivative citizenship. We also evaluate and advise clients with criminal background or with potential abandonment of residence.   


FAMILIES.  We advise and represent family members to bring their relatives and love ones through Consular Processing or adjust their legal status within the United States. We also represent complex cases of to remove conditional residence, waivers, late amnesty, 245 (i), etc.


DEFERRED ACTION/TEMPORARY PROTECTIVE STATUS (TPS). We represent in initial or renewal DACA petitions and TPS, including late-registration difficult cases.


HUMANITARIAN.  We provide a compassionate representation to our clients who seek medical, humanitarian, or military paroles, asylum, VAWA self-petitioned for victims of domestic violence and U visas for cooperative victims of certain crimes. 


RECORDS.  For our clients with complex and difficult cases, we provide services to search for their records with USCIS, CBP, ICE, OBIM, FBI, Department of State, Criminal Records, etc.


OTHER SERVICES. We represent clients during appeals, motions to reopen and reconsideration  and other administrative and judicial stages. We assist our overseas clients when obtaining their nonimmigrants visas and also consular waivers, and advisory opinions, change or extension of status, other work permits, renewal of Green Cards, ect.