Immigration Law Firm

Immigration law in many instances can be very complex and difficult to understand and represent, and in some sad cases, almost impossible to win. This is why attorney Margarita Hernández has committed to represent her clients with professionalism, tenacity and compassion. 


The Law Office of Margarita E. Hernández has represented difficult cases with no false promises, obtaining positive results. We make our clients happy and highly satisfied.


For our firm, the consultation and evaluation stages are crucial to the success of all our 

representations. Ms. Hernández spends the necessary time to provide the most accurate legal advice and answers all the prospect’s questions. It is very valuable for our firm, that our prospects get all the necessary information to make their best decision. 

The Law Office of Margarita E. Hernández equally represents its clients and Ms. Hernández will personally answer all your legal questions. You may have one single question…”Am I eligible for this visa or that benefit?”… she may ask you ten, twenty or  more questions to advise you what the best visa is for you, or if there is any solution for your case.


Certainly,  attorney Hernández  is not going to fill-out applications, or immigration forms. She will represent your company when sponsoring foreign employees; professionals during their temporary or permanent petitions; and family members during their Adjustment of Status or Consular Processing petitions.


If you want a professional, ethical, tenacious and compassionate attorney, Margarita E. Hernández is the best immigration lawyer for you.


The Law Office of Margarita E. Hernández is located near the Galleria Area in Houston, Texas. We represent clients all over the world so electronic communication is essential for our representation overseas.